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Double Arc Electric Lighter - [product_collection]

Double Arc Electric Lighter

Griffin Gizmo

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"Light up in Style with Our Electric Lighter"

Introducing the latest in USB rechargeable electric lighter technology. The double arc lighter rapidly heats anything passed between the twin streams of high voltage electrical plasma. Just like they said in Ghost Busters "Don't cross the streams!" - anything passing through the arcs will rapidly catch alight. Show off to all your friends with this awesome new "Zippo style" USB lighter.


  • USB Rechargeable - light 100 cigarettes, recharge in 2 hours
  • Windproof - you can't blow this thing out
  • Waterproof - works in wet conditions
  • Flameless - lights quicker than traditional lighters
  • Conversation starter - everyone will be asking you about it
  • Available in 4 Colours

Made from a metal alloy and weighing about 100 grams the lighter feels great in your hand and has that signature click sound when opened or closed. It is rechargeable via the micro usb port and cord which is included in about 1-2 hours and has enough battery capacity to light hundreds of cigarettes from a single charge, making it the perfect alternative to both disposable and reusable gas lighters.




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